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Christmas Charities

At Christmas time, need becomes more evident than during any other season.  Most of us want to help, but we don't really know how.  This list of charities will make your "Holiday Giving" easy and cheerful.


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At Noella Designs, we never forget what it's like to be a child.  The wonder of the holiday is magical.  So, we do our best to bring back some of the simple pleasures we remember from our childhood.


Our parents were two of Santa's most faithful helpers.  They had a little "magic" too.  Even though they struggled to meet our family's basic needs, we never felt poor.  Mom and Dad had an amazing knack for having fun without spending a lot of money.


That same "ingenuity" came into play at Christmas.  By hook or by crook, they gave their girls the best Christmas ever...year after year after year.


Perhaps that's the spirit at the heart of Noella Designs.  It's a way of sharing some of that "old time fun" with other Moms and Dads who are having a hard time providing entertainment for their family.    


Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas...

Here are some of our most popular projects...

Letters from Santa

Santa has provided some easy-to-fill-in letters for his Christmas helpers. Use our original designs with the text provided or compose your own content. Our Free Printable Letters from Santa are so easy to create and print it'll be fun to surprise that special someone with a personalized letter from Santa himself this year!  These letters are just as special as personalized photo Christmas cards!


Christmas Bingo

If you're planning a party or just a family get together for Christmas, add a little fun by playing Christmas Bingo.  From Santa to Mr. Snowman, you'll find the spirit of the holidays expressed in every Caller Card and Game Board.  "Merry Christmas to all!  Have some "B-I-N-G-O!" fun tonight!" 


Felt Ornaments

Our templates for these colorful and fun Felt Ornaments are so easy the entire family will enjoy creating their very own.


Teachers...encourage your students to add personal touches to make each ornament a unique work of art.


Wish Lists

Everyone has a few requests for Santa during the Christmas season.  Keep track of those special ideas with these holiday-bright Wish Lists.  May all of your dreams come true!


Snowflake Templates

If you want a really inexpensive way to "deck the halls", just make bunches of snowflakes and string them together.  It's a great family project that can be used in lots of different ways.  For a magical effect, apply dazzling snow glitter here and there to make snowflakes like Santa sees at the North Pole. 


Party Printables

If you're having a Christmas party, all of those "personal touches" can get expensive.  So, we've created some Party Printables that will add color and flair to your next celebration.  So whether it's at the office or at home, spending time with the family on the couch, we have some free ideas for you!  Embellish them with glitter, ribbon, rhinestones or whatever you like to create projects that express your individual personality. As always, they're original and Free.  Celebrate! 


We hope to make your Christmas a little cheerier, just as our wonderful internet friends have done for us each and every year.



Holly Jolly Jigsaw

Unique Christmas Party Printables





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