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Santa Says Hello


Letters from Santa - North Pole Series

Santa has provided some easy-to-fill-in letters for his Christmas helpers. Use our original designs with the text provided or compose your own content. Our Free Printable Letters from Santa are so easy to create and print it'll be fun to surprise that special someone with a personalized letter from Santa himself this year!


* Examples of data input required from you are highlighted in red in the Letter Samples below.

Letter #1

My Dear Emily,


I was delighted to receive your letter! Up here at the North Pole, everyone is really busy putting the finishing touches on all of the toys and gifts that will be delivered on Christmas Eve.


Your mother gave me a glowing report on how good you've been all year. You've made your bed every day like clockwork without a single complaint. And your teacher, Mrs. O'Connell, said you've worked very hard to improve your math grade. Well done!


I know you really want a phone this year. It's a tall order, but your dad told me you deserve it. So, I will pack it on my sleigh for delivery to your home in Portland on December 24th.


Make sure you're in bed and asleep before you hear the reindeer bells.


Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus


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Letter #2

My Dear Liam,


Greetings from the North Pole! As Christmas eve approaches, everyone is busy, busy, busy. The elves are all hurrying to complete every toy and special surprise on my ever-growing list. And I, of course, get letters and updates from parents, families and friends.


When I spoke with your parents, they were brimming with pride. You've worked very hard to be a more helpful boy this year. Even your teacher, Mr. McGinney, was impressed with your progress.


Because of your outstanding efforts, there's a good chance you'll find the red bike you requested under your tree in Hagerstown for Christmas morning.


So, listen for my sleigh on Christmas eve...but not for too long. Make sure you're in bed and asleep before you hear the reindeer paws on the roof.


Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus


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Letter #3

Dear Robert,


As you can imagine, it's a busy time up here at the North Pole. That's why it's nearly impossible to find a fresh vegetable - they're "Magic Boosters" you know!


As I checked my lists the second time, Bobby, I noticed that you've been so good this year, a gold star has appeared next to your name on the "Nice List".


According to those who know you best, you've made a real effort this year. Your grandmother told me you've been brushing your teeth every day without being reminded. And your teacher, Mrs. Logan, said you've been working very hard to improve your finger-painting grade. Keep up the good work!


Well, I'd better get back to the toy shop. Remember to go to bed early on December 24th so I can visit your lovely Miami home again this year.


Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus


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Steps for completing your letter:

1.  Choose letter #1, #2 or #3 and click on the "Select" image...this takes you to the appropriate designs page.

2.  Select a page design...you will be able to view your letter template immediately.

3.  Add personal information where you see parenthesis...this makes your letter special.

4.  Remove text within parenthesis as well as the parenthesis leaving only the personal text you entered.

5.  Move to the next item in parenthesis and repeat step 3 and 4 until all items have been completed.

6.  Set your margins, do a print preview and print.  (Make certain you have enabled "Print Background Colors & Images:" in your printer set up.)


Congratulations!  You have finished your letter. 


Q & A...

"What if I'm only seeing and printing the text?"

When you do a "Print Preview", within your "Page Setup" you'll find a phrase that says "Print Background Colors and Images".  (Depending on the browser you use, this wording may be a bit different, but it should be similar.)  Click the box next to the phrase to enable this function and see if this fixes your problem.

Print an envelope for your Santa Letter

1.  Click on an "envelope's" image, then fill in the personal information.  All text may be removed to suit your needs.

2.  Do a "Print Preview".  Set page orientation to "Landscape" and make sure "Print Background Colors and Images" has been selected in your page set up.

3.  Set margins, print and fill with your Santa Letter.



The stamp is only a graphic.  You will need to add postage to put it in the mail.

Envelope #1

Envelope #2

Envelope #3


Merry Christmas






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