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Letters from Santa - Christmas Whimsy Series

Santa has provided some easy-to-fill-in letters for his Christmas helpers. Use our original designs with the text provided or compose your own content. Our Free Printable Letters from Santa are so easy to create and print it'll be fun to surprise that special someone with a personalized letter from Santa himself this year!


* Examples of data input required from you are highlighted in red in the Letter Samples below.

Letter #1

My Dear Edward,


Ho-Ho-Ho, it's almost Christmas!  The elves have completed all of the orders for toys, the North Pole Green Earth Fairies updated my sleigh to make it more environmentally friendly and all of the reindeer have been exercising 30 minutes every day to get back to their flying weights.  Everything seems to be on schedule for December 24th.


As I looked over my naughty and nice lists for a second time, I was very impressed with how you've taken out the garbage without too much complaining.


Your teacher, Mr. Beckner, reminded me that you've been studying very hard this year too.  Well done!


So, if you promise to take good care of it and to be a very responsible owner, I will be bringing you a red bike.


I'm looking forward to visiting your home in Knoxville.  As always, the "Santa Stop Here" sign will show the way.


Remember to keep the spirit of Christmas in your heart every day of the year.


Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus



Select Letter #1


Letter #2

My Dearest Edward,


When my elves pointed to your name on my Naughty and Nice list, I became quite merry. You see, you have received an outstanding number of gold stars for kindness, consideration and helpfulness this year.  Your grandma also reminded me of how dependable you’ve been about making your bed.


I know you requested a Wii Game Console for Christmas…that’s a pretty big order, but I’ll see what I can do.


My visit to your home in Philadelphia is at the top of my schedule, so remember to be fast asleep in your bed early on Christmas Eve.  By the way, I'd love more of those chocolate chip cookies.  They were delicious!  Mrs. Claus would be jealous.


There's lots to be done up here. The reindeer need new bells for their harnesses, the ribbon-curling machine needs oil...oh, the list is endless.


Well, the elves tell me it’s time to judge the peppermint stick contest, so I best be on my way...



Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus



Select Letter #2


Letter #3

Dear Edward,


While enjoying a cup of delicious hot cocoa and watching the reindeer training games, I noticed my busy elves were putting the finishing touches on today's toy orders. There have been so many good boys and girls this year, the workshop is filled to the ceiling with toys.


Your Daddy reminded me of how hard you've tried to be good this year. You've been feeding Fido most of the time even though you sometimes forget to take out the garbage.


Your teacher, Mrs. Lynch, said you've put a lot of effort into improving your math skills, too.  For these reasons and many others, your name has been placed on my "Nice List".  Well done!


So...if you continue to be kind, courteous, helpful and studious, the elves might just put a new Transformer in my sack for you.


At twilight on Christmas Eve, the view is brilliant over Billings. I look forward to visiting again. So, remember to go to bed early.


Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus



Select Letter #3



Steps for completing your letter:

1.  Choose letter #1, #2 or #3 and click on the "Select" image...this takes you to the appropriate designs page.

2.  Select a page design...you will be able to view your letter template immediately.

3.  Add personal information where you see parenthesis...this makes your letter special.

4.  Remove text within parenthesis as well as the parenthesis leaving only the personal text you entered.

5.  Move to the next item in parenthesis and repeat step 3 and 4 until all items have been completed.

6.  Set your margins, do a print preview and print.  (Make certain you have enabled "Print Background Colors & Images:" in your printer set up.)


Congratulations!  You have finished your letter. 


Q & A...

"What if I'm only seeing and printing the text?"

When you do a "Print Preview", within your "Page Setup" you'll find a phrase that says "Print Background Colors and Images".  (Depending on the browser you use, this wording may be a bit different, but it should be similar.)  Click the box next to the phrase to enable this function and see if this fixes your problem.

Print an envelope for your Santa Letter

1.  Click on an "envelope's" image, then fill in the personal information.  All text may be removed to suit your needs.

2.  Do a "Print Preview".  Set page orientation to "Landscape" and make sure "Print Background Colors and Images" has been selected in your page set up.

3.  Set margins, print and fill with your Santa Letter.



The stamp is only a graphic.  You will need to add postage to put it in the mail.

Envelope #1

Envelope #2

Envelope #3



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