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Santa Says Hello


A Bright LED Christmas

LED Lights vs. Incandescent Lights


LED Christmas lights can be found in a variety of styles and colors to suit most consumers.  Favorites such as indoor/outdoor snowflake-shaped light strings, rope lights and net lights can be purchased from most Christmas light retailers at economical prices.


So have a Bright "LED" Christmas...our Earth will thank you for it.


Recycle your incandescent light strings...


While we wait for the bureaucrats to wake up to the urgent need for an environmental rescue plan, the rest of us have already begun to do what we can. 


In recent years, LED (Light Emitting Diode) Christmas lights have become more and more popular.  The days of the energy-guzzling incandescent bulb is coming to an end as we all become conscience of how much energy...and money these bright little wonders can save.


For example, a string of LED Christmas lights uses about 90% less energy than a standard string of incandescent lights.  In other words, if you generously illuminate an average-sized Christmas tree with incandescent light strings, it will consume about 100 kilowatts of energy during the season.  Change those light strings to LED, and the energy cost for the same time period would be 10 kilowatts...a savings of 90 kilowatts per tree per season.  Now consider how much energy could be saved if we all trimmed our trees...and houses...with LED instead of incandescent.


But at this time, our economy is what drives our choices.  So, consider this.  A string of LED lights can have a life cycle of up to 100,000 hours.  Replacement will occur at a much slower rate keeping hard-earned money in your pocket while providing many years of that Christmas glow.  At the same time, you will drastically reduce the amount of waste...and that's great for our planet.

Merry Christmas






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