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Go Green for Christmas



If you think about it, we have become a "throw-away" society.  We get rid of a perfectly good vehicle every three years simply because we want a new one.  We toss out electronics almost as quickly as the market tempts us with their latest technological breakthroughs.  And let's not even talk about toys.  Children are delighted by the overindulgence we shower upon them for Christmas morning, but tomorrow they'll be enjoying the cardboard boxes more.


Let's face it, we have reached a point with our environment that dictates a less wasteful lifestyle in order to leave a better world to our children and their children.  During the holiday season, in particular, we could begin to curb our imprudent habits with some simple adjustments.


Of course, we all know recycling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce waste.  Saving wrapping paper, bows, ribbon and even greeting cards for use next year will not only decrease the amount of trash going into our landfills, but will also save you money.  Do you know anyone who doesn't want to save money in our fragile economy?


There are many painless adjustments we all can make during the holidays.  For example, when you need to replace your Christmas lights for the tree or for the house, purchase LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights instead of incandescent.  You'll be making your contribution to a brighter future and be amazed by the savings on your energy bill.  It's an easy way to do your part to lower the impact of your carbon footprint.  You can even recycle your old incandescent light strings for an added environmental bonus.


Have you ever received a gift in a decorative tin?  Why not give that tin a thorough cleaning, line it with tissue paper, waxed paper or foil and refill it with your favorite candy, cookies or popcorn to display on your table or give as a gift.  These tins will last for years and add beauty to your holiday presentation.  If you don't feel that energetic, use them to store thread, buttons and even nuts and bolts.


Another obvious change you can make is to use an artificial Christmas tree.  If you hate the idea of a tree giving its life for a one month celebration, artificial is a "gotta' have".  Granted, the green plastic is not going to be recycled after your artificial tree is spent, but considering they generally last about 15 years, that's fifteen trees saved.  A fair trade, don't you think?


We've only touched upon some "Goin' Green for Christmas" ideas.  There are many more easy ways to save our environment and money at the same time.  Get creative...every little bit helps.

Merry Christmas






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