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Artificial Trees vs. Real


Probably every family at one time or another has debated the pros and cons concerning the purchase of an artificial Christmas tree or "the Real thing".  It's been going on for decades.


The theory that biological is always better than chemically-produced has its strong arguments.  Adding all of that green plastic to our landfills as artificial trees meet their demise is just increasing the amount of non-biodegradable waste deposited on our struggling planet.  We all get that.


On the other hand, freshly-cut trees are beautiful, deliciously aromatic and "earth-friendly"...with some major detractors.  They must be kept watered, the falling needles are endless and they're inherently unsafe around heated bulbs.  Also, disposal can be inconvenient when the season is over?


But, there's another argument that should be stridently brought forward and placed in the public awareness.  Trees are our environmental salvation.  They absorb carbon dioxide that we continually produce and gift us with oxygen...the perfect life cycle for our good Earth.  So, why would anyone want to cut down one of these glorious protectors every year just to cover it with lights and ornaments until it's no longer useful and then throw it into a local landfill or reef project?


Artificial Christmas trees are beautiful reproductions of evergreens and during their life span, a living tree will be spared every Christmas allowing 15 of these amazing air recyclers to continue.


But in this era of financial uncertainty, your choice between artificial and "real" isn't necessarily motivated by our environment.  Price will probably be the determining factor.  If you've shopped for a freshly-cut tree over the past several years, you've noticed the skyrocketing prices.  This has made an artificial tree your most economical choice.


So let the "real" advocates continue their banter...because it's good to be "fake", especially when you celebrate Christmas all year long.


Author's Suggestion:

Instead of cutting a tree down every holiday, why not enrich our Earth by planting an evergreen in honor of a loved one...or send one as a gift?


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