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Recycled Joy

One of the easiest ways to "recycle" Christmas


Christmas is a wonderfully joyous time of the year and screams for overindulgence in every possible way.  But in a fragile environment that grows more dire every year, we all need to find ways to recycle some of that extravagance.


Paper is one of the easiest and most environmentally advantageous products to recycle.


Since its initial use in the early 20th century in this country, the wrapping paper business has grown to an amazing 2.6 billion dollar a year business...and our Earth is suffering for it.


It is estimated that over 43 million tons of trash annually can be attributed to the disposal of packaging, wrapping and decoration goods.  And the worst part, most wrapping paper is not recyclable due to additives such as metallic coloring, dyes, laminations, glitter, plastics and cellophane tape.


There are a few things we, as environmentally-aware individuals can do to reduce this problem such as:

1.  When you receive a wrapped present, remove the paper very carefully and save it for another celebration.

2.  Pages from an old calendar will cover a package with beautiful, shiny images.

3.  For a nostalgic colorful touch, wrap presents in newspaper comic strips.

4.  Use tissue paper from a previous purchase or fabric remnants to add a personal touch.

5.  After wrapping a gift with a brown paper bag or butcher's paper, let the kids have some fun decorating it with paint, stamps, crayons and markers.


If we all choose just one alternative to wrapping paper this Christmas, our good Earth will be merry too.

Merry Christmas






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