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Making Christmas Memories

a Time for Togetherness

Making Christmas Memories


There are as many ways of celebrating Christmas as there are countries in the world.  But most customs revolve around togetherness throughout this special time of the year. Whether it's your parents, siblings, spouse, children or extended family, almost everyone will make some effort to visit loved ones during this festive period - even if it means traveling to or from the other side of the world.


Photographs and videos are popular mediums for capturing these special memories for posterity. Some families choose this time of year to create a family portrait to hang over their mantle so that even those who cannot be with them throughout the year still have a presence in the home. This is especially important for parents who often miss their children more than they like to admit.


Even though not every December 25th is memorable, most people have fond memories of at least one Christmas from their childhood that was extra special. This could be due to a desperately-desired gift that was found under the tree on Christmas morning or a magical time spent with a favorite aunt or grandparent who was able to stay over the period.


Most families try to make every Christmas special for their children - especially the youngest. Getting kids to help make decorations in the form of paper chains or tree decorations is one way to create a Christmas memory. Another is to bake cookies or other Christmas food as a family. Some of the results can even be given as gifts.


At Christmas time, most of us reflect on the past year.  Sometimes to ponder a difficult year, but hopefully to remember a good one. In any case it is always a good time to visit or be visited by people who are important to you and to let them know you care.


Often, small mementos from past Christmas celebrations bring a smile to our faces and maybe a tear to our eye.  Anything from a small tree decoration that was made by a child to a larger table decoration passed down from one generation to the next might become a family treasure.  You'd be amazed how cherished a gift that comes from the heart can be to a loved one.


Another popular way of preserving holiday memories is the sending of Christmas cards.  It doesn't matter whether they are purchased or homemade, a greeting received in the mail will always make someone smile.  Saving special greeting cards can be a fun way to create special memories that you can revisit every holiday.


Let's face it.  Whether you love Christmas or not, it's a great excuse to wish family members well, contact a long lost friend or just generally spread some good will.  But most of all, every year is an opportunity to make the best Christmas memories ever.

Merry Christmas






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